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Digital_signage_Digital signage or digital display is an interactive solution for information, advertising or other message broadcasting. The system offers endless possibilities – it will pass to the right audience at the right time, right place, the right kind of information. Digital signage software Adisplay can be used with any display to show information in public places through internet or local network connection.

Digital Signage is considered to become one of the most influential advertising channels in the near future. Attractive displays and innovative graphic technology make sure that viewer’s attention will focus on the screen and that message will reach him. Moving and colourful images on a large screen make advertising or other messages more attractive.

Digital signage allows you to:

  • advertise product or service in an attractive way;
  • display partner / supplier / service provider advertisements;
  • communicate with the customer in real-time;
  • display colorful outdoor ads.

Attention of the audience can be gained very effectively by constantly repeating clear messages and information, whether it’s advertising on the shielf in the store that can influence buying decision, a new employee introduction in the meeting room or the timetable at the train station. Information renewal and modification is simple and can be done even from a distance, on several screens at once. Information can also be scheduled, when a specific ad is displayed for a certain period. Displays can be connected to each other and put together into one big video wall.

Main areas of use for Digital signage are:

  • Retail;
  • Hotels and SPA;
  • Buses, trains and airports;
  • Offices;
  • Restaurants;
  • Schools.

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