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NixPAY_PA-DSSNixPAY PA-DSS is card payment authorization software developed by Nixor. NixPAY payment solution can be both stand-alone or integrated into POS system. It is suitable for all types of businesses, where it is important to accept card payments, and to manage cashless payments. This payment solution is especially suitable for hotels, restaurants, ships, as well as retail.

NixPAY PA-DSS has been developed based on Worldline secure and reliable card payment terminals. This payment solution is certified by local banks and complies with the PCI PA-DSS requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Our payment solution won’t only help to improve the transactions with magnetic and chip card payments, but provides additional features and benefits:

  • YomaniNixPAY WebRepo – a central report generator that collects the information about payment transactions from to all sales points and delivers aggregated information, that allows the accountant to check the correctness of bank payments.
  • ID card as a loyalty card – built-in ID card reader and NixPAY software in Worldline terminals allows to use ID card as a loyalty card. The company don’t have to order magetic cards, set-up the software or insert data. It is very comfortable and space saving to use ID card as a loyalty card for customers.
  • Tips – NixPAY offers tipping feature with a simple touch of a button.
  • Customer feedback – NixPAY software can carry out customer satisfaction surveys immediately after the purchase.
  • NFC payments – or payments of the future, that allow to use smartphone for payments as a credit card, putting it close to NFC transmitter of the payment terminal. Worldline terminals contain an NFC payment technology.

Nixor goal is to provide our partners with a complete solution and to ensure continuous development in line with growing market demands.