For horeca

CashDro is fast, convenient and secure self-service cash register, which allows the customer to pay for purchases by inserting the money into cash register without coming into contact with sales personnel. The cash register accepts both paper and metal money, and even returns change to the client.


  1. Sales parsonnel does not come into contact with cash, which solves:
    • hygene issues (subtle health) – cash is known to carry lots of bacteria;
    • reduces ”surprising ” loss of money;
    • eliminates “human error” possibility, when it comes to return change to customer;
    • when the customer is engaged in the payment process, the sales personnel can accept next customer orders;
    • counterfeit issues – CashDro detects counterfeit money;
    • because sales personnel isn’t involved with the cash, they can serve more customers and offer additional sales.
  2. Cash is safe.
  3. Possibility to get clear picture of all the points of sale and monitor them remotely.
  4. Very good marketing move.
  5. CashDro increases sales by 20% during peak hours (based on ICG experience).
  6. CashDro works with any software.

CashDro is suitable for use in bakeries, fast food places, supermarkets, restaurants, markets, petrol stations.