Presentation media

Product information and prices can be displayed using paper, e-ink labels, or even LCD displays. Each presentation medium has its advantages, which is why a truly informative shopping environment can only be created by skillfully combining the different solutions.

Electronic shelf labels

Electronic shelf labels allow you to change the information presented to customers quickly and automatically. Thus, changing pricing information carries virtually no labour costs, nor any printer-related costs, including expenses for paper. 

Label management software is typically integrated with the POS software, which enables the possibility for product information and prices to also be updated simultaneously in POS and scale systems.

Media displays

Displays designed for heavy loads and continuous operation that are required to run for as much as 24 hours a day. Media displays are more durable and brighter than conventional displays because of the environments for which they are intended.

Label printers

Specialised equipment for printing price labels for displaying on shelves or adhesive labels for fixing to goods. It is important to choose the appropriate device based on your printing needs: a stationary printer or a portable belt-mounted printer.