POS software

The workstations of shop assistants and cashiers are some of the most business-critical and complex parts of any POS system. 

POS software is often integrated with a number of background systems to make all of the information required in the customer service process usable. In addition, the variety of hardware integrations of POS software provides higher-than-average complexity.


Convenience store POS software for fast sales processes at cashier workstations. Includes a number of special functionalities and integrations.


POS software module for shop assistant or cashier workstations. Flexibly configurable for different business needs and compatible with a variety of hardware setups.


All standard cashier workstation operations, which can also be used in a mobile cashier workstation, designed for a fast and convenient purchasing process.


Weighing scale also used as a POS workstation. Suitable for all bakeries or fish and meat shops providing a service at a service counter.


The Valina payment terminal can be used for purchasing individual products. Suitable for self-service businesses where sales of products are limited.

NexuSCO Multiuser

Self-checkout that can also be used as a shop assistant’s workstation for faster sales service.