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it-teenusWe are an IT service company offering support for users of systems that we have implemented and to all company infosystem users. Our service structure is based on HelpDesk where all client appeals are treated, solved, controlled and given feedback. We have phrased the helpdesk’s object to serve the infosystem user and to insure that the system works.

To minimize failures for the end user we perform contract based periodical maintenance of the infosystem:

  • monitoring,
  • administration,
  • software maintenance,
  • hardware maintenance.

In addition to periodical pre-emptive maintenance you have our consultants and specialists from different departments working for you to help solve everyday work related questions. Our primary competence is everything that has to do with commercial and service infosystems but we can also help our clients with all IT related questions. To insure that the process of implementation or development the system is performed effectively, we will do the mapping of business processes while designing the project. These will determine the need for setting up, integration and development. In implementation process we will perform training for all users and, if needed, provide support during the first days of system actuation.

Services are:

  • Preliminary study of the business processes;
  • Project management;
  • System development and integration;
  • Consultation and training;
  • Repair, service and maintenance.