For retail

visualstore_ekraanVisualStore Suite is a family of rich and advanced application solutions covering the operational needs of modern retail outlets in the world, with particular regard to selling processes, promotional campaigns and customer loyalty initiatives.

VisualStore supports also other system interface (Back Office, infokiosks).

VisualStore POS provides full functionalities for sale terminals. Checkout operations are simple and quick. The application allows the execution of various types of sales, promotions, discounts on payments, management services for loyalty cards, etc. The POS can also work in offline mode while maintaining full VisualStore functionality even in this operating situation.

VisualStore Server is the heart of the system, it hosts all the store parameters and item data, manages the POS terminals, handles the communications and data exchange with internal and external systems.

VisualStore Loyalty is the optional central application that supports the entire process associated to loyalty programs and CRM initiatives. It allows the recording of loyal customer profiles and association in groups, the management of the entire life cycle of the loyalty card, the definition of targeted promotions to specific customer groups, the management of points accumulation, use of loyalty points and the sending of promotional information to customers.


VisualStore Promotion is an optional module that enables the centralized management of VisualStore promotions. It allows you to define, distribute and control from a central point the execution of all promotions and campaigns for the entire network of stores.

VisualStore Configurator is a central application that allows retailers to create or modify the setting parameters and the configuration of VisualStore Server and VisualStore POS of the stores.

VisualStore MultiService is an integrated platform enabling the central management of electronic payments (EFT) and the selling of innovative prepaid services. It functions as a gateway between the retail stores, the financial institutions/authorization circuits and the service and content providers.