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Video surveillance is any modern company’s main safety and security guarantor, which significantly increases the odds of prevention of potential damage of guarded object. Security is expensive, and a security guard alone is not enough to monitor and control the entire territory. Companies are using video surveillance for property protection, as well as monitoring and analysis of the movement.

The basic functions of video surveillance are video recording,collection of the information on movement, people counting, face or car number detection, alerts, overall security analysis, etc.

Video Analytics is a video surveillance solution, that through image analysis is able to detect a variety of situations, objects, gather information, and, if necessary, to launch further processes based on the given parameters.

Nixor group has years of experience covering both the CCTV and Video Analytics, including full development and implementation of systems with central control. We provide solutions for public authorities, different industries, small and large businesses, educational institutions, and also private clients.

The basic systems in our product range are:

  • ISS – from video surveillance to intelligent modules for the cash register, face recognition, container, tank and vehicle number recognition, and traffic analysis. Ability to create hybrid solutions for analog and IP-based cameras.
  • Aimetis – from video surveillance to advanced people counting analytics and alarm notifications.
  • QNAP – simple and inexpensive Linux-based recording including iPad and mobile.

In addition to video surveillance software solutions, we offer all kinds of video surveillance hardware components:

  • video servers
  • recorders
  • IP cameras
  • analog cameras
  • infrared lights