Model: XR Touch
Main features:

Yomani is the fastest, most reliable and secure payment terminal. Terminal is optimized for fast-moving, multi-lane retail environments like hyper- and supermarkets, fuel stations, fastfood etc. Externally, a key security feature of the Yomani is its characteristic PIN privacy shield. Terminal has three clearly separated card readers for chip, magstripe and contactless cards. In addition the receipt printer can be added to the terminal. Terminal can be use as a stationary or integrate to the POS system.

- communications: USB, RS-232, LAN (lisana WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G)
- approvals: PCI PTS 4.x, EMV 4.3 level 1, 2 (the list is not final)
- other: Dual processors, 128 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash, keyboard backlight, 3.5" 320x480 px colorful touch screen
- Merchan Unit
- Swivel plate
- Fixation plate
- Thermal printer