We provide IT solutions which serve to increase the efficiency of businesses and to improve the customer experience 

We are a technology partner, one which primarily operates in the field of information development and security technology systems, and in providing support services.

Over the course of more than twenty-five years of operations, we have been the first to implement several novel areas of technology have helped businesses to perform better in our domestic markets, in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In tight-knit cooperation with selected external partners, we systematically analyse the development trends in our field and focus on the implementation of novel solutions which provide a competitive advantage. 

We understand the needs of the market. We are aware of the opportunities that can be provided through the application of technology, and we are creating novel solutions in cooperation with our partners, which serve to increase the efficiency of business operations and improve the customer experience. Our innovative solutions create new standards which will gradually become taken for granted and in time will be entirely customary in their use. 




We are consultants, helping you make the best choices when investing in technology. We design complete solutions based on the principle of optimal investment and responsible sales. We offer project management services, allowing you to focus on your core operations. We guarantee a standards-based service process for all solutions launched by us. 

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Business software

Our omnichannel solutions facilitate business operations on all channels and in all forms of service. We implement business software based on the concept of convenience retail and the needs related to experiential retail while generating ideas concerning health retail. 

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The performance of a successful sales enterprise is boosted by a reliable POS system that ensures functional customer service even during peak hours.

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We know how to create and implement secure and future-proof IT infrastructure that meets your company’s needs, including everything from server farms and network connections to the workstations, cloud services, network devices, and software used by your employees. 

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Security technology

Based on your company’s needs and risk factors, we can design and install a video surveillance solution for you that helps prevent and, if necessary, detect security incidents on your premises.

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